Yesterday, the poetry club and I did some work with haiku.  I brainstormed a bunch of possible topics on the board and told the kids to just go.  This is what I came up with:

Relief is knowing
you have all your ducks lined up.
The end is in sight.

The smell of fried dough.
Screams from the roller coaster.
The fair is in town.

Walking a mile
in shoes that rip, pinch, and bruise.
Pain is the journey.

She doesn’t know it
but she hates you because you
can do what she can’t.

Breakfast would be great
if it came at ten-thirty
instead of seven.

Babies, I’m begging;
take this shit seriously.
Adulting is HARD.

The ugly and mean
put on display for the world.
Election season.

I’ve tried much too hard.
I just can’t care anymore.
I need to let go.

I just can’t stand it.
All my lines are one beat short.
Haiku is a bitch.


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