Quick Hit: What Are They Thinking?

Alternately titled “ARE They Thinking?”

The other day, I gave my juniors (11th grade – 16-year-olds) a reading comprehension quiz on A Christmas Carol.

It should be born in mind that I can’t just give the students a book and ask them to read.  No; the greater portion of this group needs to be read to.  Even then, I can’t be assured that the kids are going to pay attention.

Case in point; I gave this question to the juniors on the quiz:

4. At the end of this stave, Scrooge forced the
extinguisher on to the Ghost of Christmas Past. What was he trying
(symbolically) to do? Did he succeed? Why, or why not?

This is an answer I got, unedited and un-embellished:

“The represent I feel like I was not really invested in this book.”

This is what I have to work with.



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