You Know Your School is Broken…

… when the kids tell the truth and the adults lie to your face.

So, remember when I told you that I was taking my students on a field trip and having the other teachers cover the class that wasn’t going?  Yeah… that happened.

When I got back the next day, I got two VERY different stories about how the afternoon went.

The kids in the class confessed that it was a train wreck.  Students didn’t do the work that I posted on Blackboard for them.  The class was much louder than usual.  At one point, FIVE of them were out of the room at once (the rule is ONE at a time, and only then after signing out and taking the pass).  There was, I gathered, a yelling outburst by the teacher “in charge.”

I spoke to five or six different students – from different “groups” in the class and separately from one another – and got remarkably similar stories.

Then I asked the teacher who babysat the class how things went.  This is what I got:

Me:  So, I hear the B block were difficult yesterday

Her:  They were fine.  It’s their nature, lol (Chili’s note; she really said that…)

Me:  What happened?  I got a couple of different stories  (note; I didn’t, but I wanted to see what she’d say)…

Her:  The first part they were fine and working but then they had their little dramas.  No biggie.

And that was it; that’s all she’d say.

No biggie.  Five kids out of the room at once.  No order in the classroom so that the kids who might be inclined to do the work I’d planned for them could focus sufficiently to do it.  The situation deteriorating to the point where the adult was yelling.

But you know, it’s in their nature, lol, no biggie.






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