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Quick Hit: This Sums it Up

So, next week, a couple of colleagues and I are taking some of the students on a field trip, right?  In preparation for this, we’re putting together lesson plans for the kids who aren’t coming, whether because they didn’t get their permission slips back or because their class isn’t included in the trip.

I have a detailed plan for one of my classes that includes a video, a reading, response questions.  When I sent this plan to one of my colleagues (so she could include it with her email to the staff about our trip), I got this as a response.  I think it sums up quite nicely why I feel so out of place here:

Looks good except that you probably don’t need to go into detail about what exactly the students are doing.  I can tell you honestly, no one cares. I don’t say that to be rude, just that it is our duty to give the kids something to do, and 8/10 kids won’t actually do it. Just as long as you give them something you have done your job. Sad, but true. 

So, I have no expectation that the teacher who’ll be covering my class will implement the lesson, and I have no expectation that the students will actually do it.

Why bother?


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