Quick Hit: Get This Right


Breathe – with an E – is a verb that means to move air in and out of one’s lungs.

Breath – no E – is the air that is so moved.

Please get this right, especially now. It’s “I can’t BREATHE,” not “I can’t breath.”




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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Get This Right

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re referring to protests that are happening all around the country, I don’t think it really matters whether breathe is spelled correctly. The message is still made either way.

  2. I understand that, but I still stand by my assertion that it’s important to get it right. It DOES matter. If you can’t be bothered to get your message correct, then you can’t complain when people assume you don’t really care about that message (or that you’re just stupid; remember the “get a brain, morans” guy?

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