Quick Hit: Getting Ready

So!  I start teaching at the two community colleges the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Next Tuesday marks the start of staff meetings.  Of course, both colleges are holding important, orientation-type meetings for new adjuncts on the SAME DAY, but I was lucky that the staff meetings at Not Local Community College (NLCC) end in exactly enough time for me to hop in the car and make my way to Local Community College in time to make it to the meetings there.


I’ve just about got my syllabi put together.  I’ve found myself stressing most about the schedule part of the document; I tend not to schedule out a semester’s worth of classes just because experience has taught me that scheduling is a pointless exercise; the first two days go as planned, generally, but then the class takes on a life of its own.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy on a plan that I’m going to abandon in the second week of classes.  If I abandon the idea of mapping out every last class meeting, I can say with some confidence that my syllabi are ready to be printed.

Neither of the classes I’m teaching (college composition and developmental writing, which is essentially pre-comp) are particularly challenging for me to teach; I’ve done it many times before, and I have more than ample materials and facility with the process to make it work.  I’m going into two entirely new environments, however, and I think that’s what’s accounting for the mild case of low-level jitters I’m experiencing lately.  I’m sure that, once I get a feel for what the respective colleges are like (and get to know my colleagues and supervisors a bit better), I’ll fit right in.

So, that’s my professional life at the moment.  What are YOU all up to?



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5 responses to “Quick Hit: Getting Ready

  1. I’m still in denial that I start back on Monday. For one of my new classes, I have NO CLUE what I’m going to do with them. (Have I mentioned we still have no curriculum?) Thankfully I don’t actually have to start teaching anything until the day after Labor Day, but it’s still stressing me out.

    Hope your new semester goes well!

  2. Rowan

    Retired and busier than ever! Took and passed entry level HAM radio test, moved on to next level class, volunteering in a friend’s classroom, researching genealogy, cleaning out and donating all the ‘stuff’ I’ve accumulated over the years, and taking a History class.. Whew, makes me tired just writing this! LOL
    Have a great year…they are so lucky to have you! (both the students and the colleges!)

  3. Benesh McGrath Darci

    Talk about jitters – Thursday before the Monday start of school, I found out about, interviewed and landed a new teaching position in a 6 hour period. I realized I could not do the commute and deal with a sub-standard administration, I reached out to friend, who knew of a position, set the interview and got the job. I moved from middle school to high school, went from 8th gr to 9th and 10th grade and added film production. Hey but I cut 10 hours of commuting a week to 2.5 hours – that will never get old.

  4. Darci, that’s AWESOME!! WOW! I mean it; I’ve got GOOSEBUMPS! Keep me posted on how it goes!

  5. I am so fired up. This is a great opportunity and one that you are so familiar with. I keep thinking about how much those students will be challenged. This feels very right.

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