Quick Hit: How Hard Would THAT Suck?

It has been suggested to me that having CHS on my resume may be part of the reason I’m not getting any call-backs.

There may well be something to that, but I have NO idea what I could POSSIBLY do about it, as I gave three years to that place and have no way of accounting for that time otherwise.

In other news, there’s still exactly zero movement on the job front. I’m still sending out letters and resume packets, and I’m still getting no responses back from either.

I’m also working on the promised post about my six-week stint at the private school. Watch this space.


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One response to “Quick Hit: How Hard Would THAT Suck?

  1. Terry

    I have nothing articulate to write here other than “Bwwwhaaaaa?!” I…don’t understand. My mind just keeps pretzeling on itself. I mean, if it has such a bad reputation, does it not speak well for you that you DON’T work there anymore..? And as you said, what are you supposed to do about those three years on your resume?! I cannot imagine the mind of a hiring person/committee who would reject an applicant OUT OF HAND just for ONE place of employment on the resume. If nothing else wouldn’t you want to talk to them specifically about it? Sheesh. I am really sorry. (As for your last two sentences–yay!)

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