Quick Hit: Thus, It Begins

I mailed out 8 resumes this afternoon.  That’s about a third of the number I intend to send out, but I ran out of nice cover letter paper, so I ran with what I had.

I’m girding my self esteem for the reality that it’s likely I’ll hear back from precisely none of them.  There’s a back room in my mind that’s busy turning over alternative work for the fall if I don’t get hired in a school.




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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Thus, It Begins

  1. It is going to workout for you. Brilliant folks always find a home.

  2. Terry

    I agree–you are too special not to find a home…you just don’t know where that home is, yet! I’m still rooting for you to start your OWN school. And also I’m sweating with curiosity–will you be able to tell us how the work is going at the school where you were going to give 6 weeks’ worth of workshops..? And more thoughts about it? (Curious because I’ve read both of you blogs since 2009 AND in about 10 months I’ll graduate from grad school and will be looking for teaching jobs, so the more I learn the better!)

  3. Terry, thank you! And yes, of course I’ll write about the 6-week adventure. I think I learned more than my students did, but that should really come as no surprise. Anyway, Tuesday is my last day there; I’ll compose a debrief later in the week.
    (Congratulations on your approaching graduation, and THANK YOU for reading!!)

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