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Quick Hit: So…. How’d it Go…?

It went well!

I loved being back in front of the classroom again, even if it was only for an hour (and first thing in the morning… and focusing on a topic that most kids find dull as dishwater…).

I got a lot of good information out, a bunch of kids actually interacted with me of their own accord, and I think some of them even enjoyed it.  The dean who sat in on the class seemed pleased, and I’m hoping that means something.

I got a chance to meet with the woman teaching English there now (let’s call her Rivka).  I was told that she feels like she’s in way over her head when it comes to writing and grammar instruction, and the impression I got from her was that that that characterization was not far off the mark.  I told her that I’d been asked by Dr. Wong to help, but that I had absolutely NO intention of “muscling in” on her class.  She asked me to muscle in; she seemed relieved to have some back-up when it comes to the composition studies part of her teaching, and I think that we’ll work really well together.

I’ve been asked to come back on the Wednesday after next (we’re all on break this coming week) to work with the English class.  I’ve emailed Rivka with some ideas of where to pick up where she last left off, and I’m expecting to spend at least one day during the vacation putting together a couple of weeks’ worth of lesson plans to get the kids moving toward some solid writing and grammar exercises.

I haven’t actually been offered a job… yet.  I really do think that’s coming, though.


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