Quick Hit: Truth

I’m learning more about what really happened to me at CHS.  I’m neither pleased nor surprised.



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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Truth

  1. OKP

    Sigh. I’m sorry. Too angry to talk about it? Too soon?

  2. Anonymous

    Be sure you check your sources and gather all information.

  3. And how exactly am I supposed to do that, Anon? Not a single person there has ever been completely forthright about any of this with me. The best I can do is run with the story that sounds most probable, and that matches up most closely with what I actually experienced.

    • Anonymous

      True, you weren’t in the closed door meetings that happened. I guess ultimately perception is truth, even if it is not what happened. Just think about who you are ultimately getting your information from and what agendas they may now have in order to cover tracks.

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