I… I Just… I Have No Words

I received this email from a student in the class I’m taking.  I present it to you completely unedited:

yeahh i can deff meet up this thursday after 6 if that works for everyone else so we can just get it done?? and lets come prepared with facts and current events. I have already started doing some thing but not a whole lot. Also i do not have the current version of ferg so i only have stuff from ore on our topic so bring that book if any of you guys have it!!

Please bear in mind when reading this that this young woman is a SENIOR IN COLLEGE.  Let that sink in for a second; she’s a SENIOR.  It kind of makes one wonder how she managed to get that far, doesn’t it?  It also makes me wonder where she expects to go from here.

I am both sorry for the professor (who’s going to have to read this girl’s paper and many, many like it) and SO glad that I’m taking the class as an independent study.



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7 responses to “I… I Just… I Have No Words

  1. While I’ll bet this person’s papers are far from perfect I also would bet more than a dollar that this doesn’t bear even a passing resemblance to what this person writes like in a paper. While there is some lack of knowledge of form it’s the complete lack of sense of place and propriety that’s so stupid.

  2. teenagersareridiculous

    I have a talk with my kids are the beginning of the year on how to send an appropriate email. I guess this girl never got that in her high school English class. fer suuuuuuuuure.

  3. Holy cannoli! Please don’t tell me she’s an English major, because that would just kill me.

  4. I really do think folks find this to be cool.

  5. Hello, Mrs. Chili,
    I am writing a book about “School Reform” and I would like to include one of your recent posts.

    Couldyou please email me so we can discuss it further?
    Thank you!
    John Owens

  6. E. Williams

    Mrs. Chili,
    I love some of the things that you have to share with us about your experiences. I know this may come out of left field, but I know you taught a film and literature class at your previous school. I have one coming up next semester and, as much as I am planning, I feel overwhelmed. Could you possibly just share some ways that you got started with yours?

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