Quick Hit: The Thesis Paper

SO!  I met with the professor of my class and we’ve decided that I’m going to work the course as an independent study, which is a HUGE relief for me, but is also a hard right turn into a LOT more work.

I have proposed to write a thesis paper (longer than a term paper, shorter than a dissertation) in which I investigate the place of LGBTQ rights in the current election cycle.  I’m interested in looking not only at national politics – the Presidential election and DOMA – but also at some down-ticket races and state ballot initiatives (Maine is taking the issue up on their ballots in November).

I spent today going through some of the library’s databases looking for places to start.  Mr. Chili has printed a PDF for me (I have the feeling he’ll be doing that a lot; the printer in his office is much spiffier than mine and can print on two sides all by itself), and I’ve downloaded a couple of articles that should at least kick my ball down the proverbial hill.

Anyone have any suggestions on where I should focus?  I’m starting with a history of DOMA (which will take me to Hawaii, though – sadly – not literally) and working my way to the President’s interview a few months ago where he came out publicly in favor of equal rights.  From there, I’m not sure where, exactly, to go.


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