Why English Class Matters

My younger daughter is on the middle school field hockey team.  One of her teammates has a mom who took it upon herself to look up some information about warm-up jackets for the girls.

I think this is a lovely gesture and I fully intend on purchasing a jacket for Bean.  I have been routinely horrified, however, by this mom’s abysmal writing skills.  Unless she’s not a native speaker, there’s really no need for this:

At long last I have the data on jackets. We will order from Collins sport In Randolph the cost is about 48 dollars to be finalized when we give a count. I have printed off photos of the two choices women’s cut and men’s cut either can be ordered we do not all need to get the same. We will have  Field Hockey embroidered on back , name on sleeve and school field hockey logo on chest or a generic one if he cannot find a specific fern wave one. The link to the pictures are in the email. Also we need to pay up front. I have typed out a flyer/ order form and checks need to go to Collins sports no cash please. I would assume if you want to pay with credit card you can call them as they are local just let us get the order organized. Look for the pictures and form and info letter tomorrow with the girls.

(for the record, I have no idea what a ‘fern wave’ would look like)

This email went out to 35 families and the coaches.  It was followed up this afternoon with this literary gem:

A reminder that we will be placing the order for the jackets this week so please have your order information and check or payment information in by Tuesday or at least make contact by then . Thanks so much . We fad a good response so far the girls will look wonderful in then. Most are buying big to last a few years . We are only referencing town not middle school so they won’t outgrow them!!

I… I just… I have no words…



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4 responses to “Why English Class Matters

  1. Rowan

    What is even more pathetic: notices from the front office with no spell check and/or grammar check AND the notices from admin or counselors with horrible spelling and grammar. It hurts to read them.

  2. She spelled “won’t” correctly…

    The principal at my kids’ school has bad grammar AND spelling. After a year of attempting to get him to pay attention to the wavy red lines, the secretaries decided not to let anything go out until they had looked it over. This is good for my blood pressure.

  3. My stars. I am engaged in an online debate with a man who is insisting that sports are more important to a university than academics because they bring in more money. His spelling, grammar, and diction are terrible. It is all I can do to not chew him up one side and down the other. Every time I see piss-poor writing from a college graduate, I make sure to find out what school they attended and steer my children far away from the school in question. I do not understand why we allow people to present themselves as utter morons in this society.

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