Quick Hit: Going it Alone

I had a conversation with my professor this afternoon, and we decided that it would probably be best for me to take this class as an independent study.

The distance between me and my classmates in terms of age, life experience, and general knowledge is so great that I won’t be getting anything useful out of the course.  I’ve got at least 20 years on all of them, I’m the only one who’s worked, I’m the only one who’s married or has children (and, not for nothing, I’m the only one (at least in my reading group) who has half a frickin’ clue about what’s going on in the class.  Oh, and I also seem to be the only one who can get through a sentence without saying “like” 17 times.  I’m not kidding.)  At one point during the last class meeting, one of my reading group said, “WOW!  We’re, like, so lucky to, like, have you in OUR group!  Your explanations are, like, really, really good!”  And, yes; that’s a direct quote.  I’m really not interested in a) teaching the class to my small group-mates or b) being used as the “smart kid” for all the group work (and there’s a lot of it).  Getting out of the class and working on my own is definitely a priority for me.

The professor usually sets graduate students working together, but since I’m the only graduate student taking this class, she suggested to me that we can work out a course of study where I put together a graduate-level plan for the course material and work independently.  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?

I think it’s a capital idea.  I was starting to get really worried about what I was going to do for another 12 weeks in that environment.

Watch this space.


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One response to “Quick Hit: Going it Alone

  1. Rowan

    Congrats Chili! Spending all that time in an unstimulating atmosphere would be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating.
    At our site, one of the very perky new teachers has just learned to drive, using the “like” word often as she shared that information. Seriously! We were discussing walking routes and someone asked her if she walked and she informed us all that now she could drive and it was like, so exciting to like, drive!
    The perkiness wears me out! LOL On the bright side, my eyes are very big and my expression quite amazed now on a daily basis! I am grateful for the patience of my elders when I was that young (or was I ever that young and perky?).
    Enjoy planning and implementing your independent study course!

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