Nearly Wordless Wednesday: CAGS

It stands for “Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study,” and I’m going to meet with the director to see about enrolling in the Adolescent Development/Family Policy and Studies program in about half an hour.

Regardless of whether I get a job in September or not, I plan to take at least one class.  If it turns out that this program isn’t for me (though, the more I look at the offering, the more I think it is perfect for me), I’m thinking of looking into what either the History or the Language and Communication Studies departments are offering; I might like a class in the Constitution or on argumentation and logic.

I shall report back!


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One response to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: CAGS

  1. It seems like a great program, you guys. I submitted my application this afternoon. Depending on whether or not I get a position in September, I’ll either take one or two classes….

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