Ten Things Tuesday

I’m doing a low-pressure creative writing unit with my juniors and seniors while I wait for them to get the next book we’re going to read.  Here are ten prompts I’ve given them to work with:

1.  Write 6 (nice!) fortune cookie fortunes, then develop a short story around someone who receives one of your fortunes after their dinner date.

2.  Write a 6 word autobiography.

3.  Go to postsecret.com and peruse the offerings, then compose one (or two or more) of your own.  Keep in mind these don’t have to be YOUR secrets; you are free to write fiction here.

4.  Write a narrative from the perspective of an inanimate object – your car keys, the coffee maker, the door to the post office….

5.  Go to onesentence.org and peruse the offerings, then compose one (or two or more) of your own.

6.  Finish this sentence, “The worst part of my favorite thing is…” with a short story.

7.  Personify a color, an emotion, or a sound.

8.  Write from the perspective of your favorite fictional villan.

9.  Imagine someone in an unusual circumstance – say, a man wakes up one morning and remembers, fully and vividly, a past life experience, or a 9-year-old girl walks up to a stranger in a store and tells them something will happen that later turns out to happen.

10.  Write a five sentence short story.



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8 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. www.writetocomprehend.blogspot.com

    For sale, my comment. Never read.

  2. These would be fun. I probably even would have thought so in high school, which most kids would probably find weird.

  3. You just inspired me to leave a sentence on onesentence. Here it is: Kidney cancer is not supposed to be found by a microwave or the MRI machine that can be heard through the wall of the 2nd-floor bathroom at Les Brasseurs, the restaurant in front of which I did NOT take a picture of the naked blue man sporting only a cotton fluff on his butt, even though he thinks I did.

  4. Those are fabulous. I may use a few of them as prompts for my blog. They’ll also be handy for getting me through the slow days at work.

  5. Mr. W

    I’m a teacher of 7 years and I’ve just now come across your blog. I really like this! I’m wondering if you’ve received any concerns on #3? There are some brutally honest secrets on there as well as a few that most would seem inappropriate.

    • “Appropriate” in my classroom – and in the school in general – is a much broader spectrum than is likely to be found elsewhere. I only gave the one sentence and postsecret blogs to my seniors, though; I’m certain they could handle it. I left that prompt out of my freshman class.

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