“Are We Doing Anything Important?”


Actual letter from an actual Local U. student.  The only things I changed are our names:

Mrs. Chili,

I didn’t realize until now that I am scheduled to work my work study job tonight. It is way to late to switch it now, so I don’t think I will be able to make class. I mean, if we are doing something really important, I guess I can call out. I am so sorry, this was definately my fault for not looking at my work schedule earlier. Just let me know what you would prefer me to do soon please, so i can notify my boss. Thank you Mrs. Chili.

James Dumbass

Dude has NO IDEA how insulting – and stupid – he comes off.



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5 responses to ““Are We Doing Anything Important?”

  1. M

    It is my favorite thing in the world when kids come back after an absence and ask “Did we do anything yesterday?” My response is either “Nope, we just sat around, lamenting your absence, feeling lost in the world” or “Yes, all the important things in the world, and then we talked shit about you for the remaining 57 minutes”.

  2. When I had a work-study job in college, it wasn’t allowed to interfere with my classes. They had me write down my schedule and then double checked it with the computers. That was nearly ten years ago.

    Please tell me that you edited the email for spelling and grammar. I used to get a big kick out of doing that for my students in grad school.

  3. I get this email at least once a month. Students know that when I do not respond to a question, they should seek out their syllabus.

  4. I’m with M. “No, we sat around waiting for you to return.”

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