Guest Post: WOOT!

I’m posting this for a teacher buddy who, for reasons of anonymity, can’t post it on her blog.  The article that accompanies this post is here.


There are so many things my kids do that make me proud.  I’ve become a surrogate mother and all around supporter of their activities.  I try to equally support all extra-curriculars, from sports to the fine arts.  I think that sports get more recognition, so it takes a lot for me to get excited about another championship win.  This weekend, though, we won the big one.  Our football team won the state championship after a 12-1 season, which by anyone’s standards is fantastic.  The only team we lost to was a team that was on a 40-odd game winning streak…it was also the team that we would go on to beat in the final game.  It’s a huge upset in Arizona sports, Hamilton losing at anything, but our boys did it.  They did the unthinkable and beat the best team in the state.  For all the bad stuff that’s happening in education right now, there are these little things, the cheesy teen movie high school cliches, that make me love my job.  They give me hope that everything is going to be OK and that maybe with a little team spirit, and sparkly gold pom poms, the world of secondary education can be fun again.


*Chili’s note – mi casa es su casa; if you ever want to post something that you don’t feel safe posting on your own site, for whatever reason, please feel free to send me an email.  Chances are better than even that I’ll happily provide my space for your news or musings that are too close or risky for your own blog.*


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