I don’t know why, but I continue to be astounded by some of the things that my students will say out loud and to my face.

I’m currently sitting in the L.U. library with my freshman English class. The librarian gave a very useful and informative lecture about the numerous and, quite frankly, kick-ass resources available to the kids – databases and full-text online scholarly journals, citation makers, connections to other libraries’ resources; it’s a geek’s paradise. The students have everything they need to write their next paper literally at their fingertips, and I’m certain that they have exactly ZERO idea of how good they have it (in fact, I’m sitting here flashing back to my own time here as an undergrad having to hunt down actual books, can you IMAGINE?!).

The librarian’s lesson ended with about 20 minutes to go to the end of class. The students each have a laptop, plugged right into this treasure trove of intellectual gold, in front of them, and no fewer than THREE of them turned around to ask me if they could leave.

Really? No; REALLY?!

No, Babies, you may not leave. Knuckle under, use those brandy-new skills the nice librarian just gave you, and start working on your next paper. I’m sure that 20 minutes of focused work will not only not hurt you, but it may actually do you some real good.




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3 responses to “Nervy

  1. Right?! Flabbergasted is, I think, the correct description of my response.

  2. Donna

    Mrs. Chili, you’re hilarious! Now did you really expect them to want to work? A future talk might be in mind about the purpose of college–never hurts to hear…

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