Quick Hit: Petulant

There’s stupidness happening at work, and I’m updating my resume, just in case.  I really think it’s not a question of IF I’ll need it, but more of WHEN; unless some pretty significant changes happen very soon, I fear this may be CHS’s last year (or, at the least, my last year here).




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7 responses to “Quick Hit: Petulant

  1. I really enjoy your posts, and if this is your last year in your current position, I do hope you keep writing.

  2. Oh, I’ll never stop writing, don’t you worry. If I didn’t write, I’d explode.

  3. *hugs* I hope that wherever you end up, you’re happy with it, Chili 🙂

  4. Thanks, Clix. I am genuinely worried; I’m not sure I’ll be able to find another place that puts up with my… let’s call it enthusiasm as well as CHS does.
    What will be will be, I suppose.

  5. mccgood

    Sending good thoughts and wishes !

  6. Donna

    Mrs. Chili,

    Just like Jose, I appreciate your blog. I hope you continue at CHS or at another school who will be lucky to have a talented educator join their staff.

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