No, really.

Grades closed in my classes last week.  TONIGHT, at a little before 6:00, I get this email (edited only to obscure names):

Hello Mrs, Chili, Tina  told me that she asked you to update her grades from second quarter. Could you let me know if this has been done, and give me an update on her final grade. I’m sorry if Tina failed to get all her assignments in on time, but she found your class to be very overwhelming.  Thank-you, Elizabeth MacMurray

There’s so much about this that I find disturbing.  First of all, and not for nothing, but mom is not responsible for Tina’s not doing her work.  I don’t WANT an apology from mom; I want work from her kid.  Also?  Tina has NEVER come to me to tell me that she’s overwhelmed.  In fact, Tina got in trouble last semester for talking smack about me on her facebook page (which seems to be something of a habit of hers, as she was suspended for two days just recently for cyber-bullying another kid in the school), so clearly, she’s not so overwhelmed that she can’t find time to goof around. What’s more, I am crazy-approachable and, I think, a little too available, and even if she didn’t feel comfortable coming to me directly, she could have talked to the director or the guidance counselor or, at the VERY least, had her mom get in touch with me about this.  But no, not a peep from Tina; it’s only now, at the very end of the year and under the real possibility of failure, that she pulls the “I was overwhelmed” card.  I call bullshit.

The second thing about this that pisses me off is mom’s asking about something that happened SECOND QUARTER.  Like, December/January time frame.  You’re just getting around to that NOW?!  REALLY?!  Where have you been all this time?

Finally, I’m not all that thrilled about the idea that she’s questioning whether I’m doing MY job.  Her kid got extensions on major papers and STILL didn’t do what was asked of her (all while complaining on facebook that she didn’t have enough information to do the assignments).  When I responded tonight, in a very brief note, I relayed that I had, in fact, updated Tina’s grades after the extension period expired, but that her final grades weren’t calculated yet because, as of tonight, she still hasn’t handed in a major paper or her culminating project.




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4 responses to “Fail

  1. Donna

    Mrs. Chili,

    I was wondering when you’d have an update about end of year grades for your kids!!! I’ve seen in your blog you are a very caring and reflective teacher who cares so much for her students. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on this careless parent and child who did not make much effort. Final grade submitted last week–finis. The cyber-bullying doesn’t sound good at all. Enjoy the summer with your family and your upcoming anniversary with Mr. Chili! Well-deserved!

  2. I never get it when letters like that get sent to me. I may not always be Johnny on the spot with getting grades recorded, but I do try to get them all in so that parents have enough time to look online, see the students grades and assignments, and ask questions if necessary. This parent = not cool.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    At least parents of your students contact you with concerns (even if they are specious). Parents of my students never contact me. We work in different worlds, Mrs. Chili!

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