Professor Chili

I got an email from the head of the freshman writing program this morning.  He wants me to come back to Local U. to teach next fall!

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Frankly, I’m more than a little surprised.  I mean, I absolutely believed my boss when he assured me, after telling me he couldn’t hire me last year, that he’d keep me on his list; that’s not the surprising part.  What’s really got me stumped is that our state is in the process of eviscerating funding for the university system.  Really.  Every single department in the University is under both hiring and salary freezes.  Mr. Chili is concerned that the group for whom he works, which has been operating in cooperation with the University, may now consider breaking off and founding an independent institute.  My girlfriend, who works for the business school, is actually doing two jobs because the school hasn’t hired someone to replace her partner, who had to leave due to medical issues two months ago.  It’s bad out there, and I strongly suspected that this would mean both a reduction in the number of freshman writing sections being offered and a far lesser likelihood of my being invited back to teach.

Not so, it seems!  I’ll be heading up a Monday-Wednesday evening section of freshman composition, and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve missed being at LU’s English building, and I’m very much looking forward to being back.



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7 responses to “Professor Chili

  1. It’s not surprising. In economic downturns, enrollment in colleges and universities typically increases, and the number of adjunct faculty, as opposed to full-time lines, increases also. Congratulations.

  2. My husband also pointed out that, as an adjunct, I cost the university a LOT less than a full professor does; I don’t get benefits, I’m not under union, and my contract terminates at the end of the term. Plus, they can pay me a lot less per credit than they have to pay full professors.

    I guess I AM surprised that enrollment would go up. I understand the idea of increased enrollment in economic hard times, but with the slasher movie that is education funding, it’s harder to pay for school.

  3. Rowan

    Congratulations! Those who are fortunate enough to have you as their instructor should be jumping for joy!

  4. Mamie

    Congratulations! You sound so happy and excited; that’s a nifty perspective.

    I didn’t teach my adjunct classes this year; the return to regular elementary classroom teaching took all my attention and energy. “Plus also” (as Junie B. Jones would say – did your girls read those books?), the grad students were kind of burning me out. I wonder if your freshman are more fun? I did hear that the person who taught “my” class was kind of a flop, so there may be a call to come back… maybe I can catch your enthusiasm!

  5. really excellent 🙂

  6. Jackie

    Congratulations! I used to adjunct before I started teaching full-time, and I think that someday I will probably go back to it–luckily for us, but unfortunately, adjuncting is going to be steady (low-paid) work for years to come, I think.

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