A General Announcement

When writing a note, email, or letter to an English teacher, it’s probably best not to use words like “gonna,” “wanna,” or “hafta.”

I added to it to expand my point, i had an incomplete for my grade, I’m guessing that meant i could re-work it. If you wanna look at it that would be great. thanks.

Also, “I” as a personal pronoun is always capitalized.

That is all…


Filed under bad grammar, dumbassery, frustrations, little bits of nothingness, really?!

5 responses to “A General Announcement

  1. Boy, I would never do such a thing. However, I did use kinda today.

  2. Zee

    Hey it was a letter! I get gonna, wanna, and un-capitalized “I” ALL. THE. TIME.

    Yes I want to beat the little darlin’s with a stick

  3. And knowing the difference between informal and formal writing strikes again! Grades = formal writing.

  4. The “I” thing is my pet peeve in my college discussions.

  5. The ā€œIā€ thing is my pet peeve in my college discussions

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