What Motivates Us

I’m betting there are things in this that all us teachers can use…



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6 responses to “What Motivates Us

  1. Oh wow, I really really love this.

  2. What Jamie said!

    I have been making some changes at work that echo part of this but I’m going to rewatch it and see how I can apply some of the other ideas.

  3. Thanks for finding and posting this. I’m going to re-post and use it in class.

  4. Donna

    Thanks for posting this! How did you ever find it?! By the way–I’m a fairly new reader to your blog. Have gone waaay back in archives and am now at April ’07. I love your enthusiasm and passion reflected in your lesson plans, and that’s precisely why I want to read ’em all! Am so glad you’re STILL in teaching and continuing your blog.
    Fellow English teacher in MD

  5. Hey Ms. C-

    This is the perfect video connecting to our contract negotiations at school–this is what motivates teachers— not merit pay! I will be posting this video on my blog and linking to you.

    Hope all is well.

  6. I agree with jyourist about contract talks. I still have mine in hand.

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