Quick Hit: Education is Not Entertainment

That’s to say that education can’t be entertaining – I certainly enjoy learning new things and many of the experiences I’ve had in “educational” settings have been, well, FUN.  What I AM saying, though, is that I’m a teacher, not a cruise director.  I cannot – and will not – tailor my job to meet your desire to be amused.

I’m tired of listening to kids say they’re “bored” with the work we’re doing, or that they “don’t like it” – see the comment from Little Miss “I-Don’t-Like-That-Movie-Do-I-Have-To-Watch-It?” below.  My answer to her?  YES, you DO have to watch it because we’re not looking at it like consumers of entertainment; we’re looking at it as students.  There is a message in this film that I want you to see – and that I hope you will connect to some of the work we’ve been doing – so I don’t really CARE if you LIKE it.

I need to figure out a way to let this go – it’s stuck deeper in my craw than I expected it to lodge…



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9 responses to “Quick Hit: Education is Not Entertainment

  1. When students ask me if they “HAVE TO” do something, I have occasionally paused before replying, “No; of course, you don’t HAVE TO pass the course, either. The sun will continue to rise and set even if you flunk.”


  2. We are now competing with mediums that allow students to gain information without thinking about the info. Tickers are big because people get just enough. Class discussions are only fun when discussing nothing.

  3. “You don’t have to like it. You just have to do it.” -Richard Marcinko.

  4. Rochelle

    Hi! I was wondering if you could suggest any interesting post colonial novels?

  5. I remember the one, and only, time I whined about some material in high school. The teacher slapped me down quickly right in front of the class: “Are you refusing the assignment, Mr. [twoblueday]?” I was embarrassed and terrified. This teacher later nominated me as the only student in school to participate in the NCTE competition (or whatever it was called). One of my regrets in life is that I never contacted her after I left school to let her know how much I appreciated her, and how much her teaching gave me a leg up in college and law school. It’s too late now.

  6. chili,

    Tell your students I’m a doctor and near an old man, but to this day if someone offers to teach me something; anything, I learn it. Over the years I have found there is no way to predict when the information might come in handy.

    Dr. B

  7. OMG this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! When my students complain that something is boring, I agree with them and then tell them to do it anyway. Welcome to the real world. And then I ask the parents NOT to ask their children if they had “fun” at school!!

  8. That’s the difference between an engaging class and a fun one. In an engaging class, learning will be happening. In a fun one, it may not.

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