Interview With the Vampire

Actually, it’s “Interview with the Writer of Interview with the Vampire!”

You want to know how much I love technology?  Let me tell you how much I love technology, People!  A girlfriend clued me in a little while ago that Anne Rice had announced that she is willing to come to classrooms via Skype to talk about her books and the craft of writing.

She didn’t have to tell me twice!

I got right on the computer and emailed Ms. Rice to tell her that, yes, please, my seniors and I would like very much to have her “visit” our class and talk about writing.  Her assistant and I have been emailing for a while now, and we’re circling in on a date in March.

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I assigned Interview With the Vampire today – the kids have to have their books by this time next week and we’ll start reading then.  I’m up against a couple of students who have pre-conceived notions of Rice and the novel, so I’m having to get them to start thinking like scholars about this novel instead of looking at it as consumers of entertainment.  I’m probably not going to hook a few of them, but I know for sure that I’ve piqued a LOT of interest in this class; my boss is tickled that this could actually happen (she wants to call the local paper), and a number of my former students are begging to come back to school so they can partake in this class, too.

Technology rocks.



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9 responses to “Interview With the Vampire

  1. ReikiHealer

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That’s my excited squeal of joy!!! 🙂

  2. I know, Elaina!! You’re going to have to set the phone to “away” mode for that hour and a half. You’ll be the first person to know when the date is finally set!!

    (that’s The Goddess of the Front Desk, by the way. Isn’t she awesome!?)

  3. Darci

    So are you saying she is doing this for no fee? Jodi Picoult does this for $25,000.

  4. I’ve been talking to her assistant for a while now, and he’s never mentioned a fee, Darci. She comes to schools for free, and I’m really excited (and very grateful) that she does…

  5. Chili,
    I’ve enjoyed my classroom gigs. (See my last post) Gonna have to get into Skype, too.

    Hope all is well your way,

    Dr. B

  6. This is going to be unreal. Do you have a way to record it to save for later, too?

    Also, have you alerted your kids to Rice’s HUGE swings in philosophy since she wrote those books? Could make for some more in depth conversation.

    Can’t wait to hear about it.

  7. Great book. In truth, great movie. I show a scene to my class from this Rice work. The one in which the Vampires are at the theatre in Paris in 1871. I like this scene because in a subtle way, it portrays the chaos of Paris in the year of the social/political revolution between France and Prussia.

  8. How exciting!! I first read Interview with a Vampire when I was in Spain–it was the only English-language book in the bookshop I was poking around in. And I was going to suggest what Kizz said–Rice’s philosophical swings would be interesting to discuss.

  9. Bob

    I want in on this one. Even if I can Jump in via my Skype, I could record from my end for the school.

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