Long story short: we read Something Wicked This Way Comes in my freshman class. One student (let’s call her Elise) had to borrow a book from the school.

Elise is a great student and took copious and careful notes on Post Its all through her book. When we finished the novel, she needed to give it back to me so I could return it to the school’s (pathetic) stock. Another student in Elise’s class wanted to donate the copy of the novel her parents bought for her, which isn’t the same edition as the copies the school owns. As I was collecting the books in class yesterday, Elise complained that she wanted to keep her book; she really enjoyed it and would read it again. As her classmate handed me the different edition, I immediately handed it to Elise and told her she could keep it (it’s often difficult to teach different editions of the same book in a single class, especially if the pages are numbered differently).

This morning, I came in to find Elise hard at work transferring the sticky notes from the school’s copy of the book into the new copy I gave her yesterday.

I adore that kid.


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