Professionally Developed

I have to renew my teaching credentials in 2012.

Yes, I know that’s a long way away, but I’m learning from the mistakes of my past.

You see, I spent several hair-tearing hours at my dying mother’s kitchen table in June of ’09 trying desperately to piece together all the documents for the professional development hours I did during my last licensing cycle, and I distinctly remembering promising myself that I’d never – ever – do that to myself again.

In an effort to keep that promise, I’ve begun scanning the required documentation I’ve collected so far so that I can upload it all on my portfolio on our school’s website (which, really, is awesome.  I think I’m going to really love having an electronic portfolio).  I had a paper file at home, so I just laid it all on my scanner and loaded it on to my thumb drive.  From here on out, I’ll scan certificates as I get them.

I just double-checked and, according to my state’s DOE site, I need a minimum of 75 professional development hours between now and 2012 to renew my license.

I just did the math (shut it; I did, so!!) and figured out that I already have 85 hours!  Next Friday, I’m heading to the Holocaust Center to gather up 8 more!

Go, ME!!



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2 responses to “Professionally Developed

  1. I remember putting together an electronic portfolio for my Master’s (I may even still have it lying around somewhere…). It was pretty and and I definitely saw the upside to it. Professor Joe O. was a big supporter of it and was very helpful in putting it together. If you have any questions about it, I’d go to him toot sweet!

  2. Chili, you rock. 😀

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