Love Him…

I’ve got this kid. I love this kid. This kid has been, since our first class together, one of my favorites.

Last year, this kid did a poetry analysis on Gordon Lightfoot’s Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. He loved boats, he told me, and decided that the song qualified as poetry (it absolutely does). We talked a little about what kind of poem we’d call it, and he wrote the paper.

While it wasn’t an objectively great paper, it represented, for this kid who’s all about the literal and plain-spoken, a vast leap into the emotional and figurative, and it geeked me right out. Since then, I’ve thought of this kid whenever I hear the song.

The Edmund Fitzgerald sank 35 years ago today. My kid isn’t going to be in school today, so I knew he’d miss the “today in history” in our announcements, so I sent him a message of the remembrance. He sent me this message back:

“with a load of iron ore 26,000 tons more than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty.”

LOVE that kid.


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One response to “Love Him…

  1. [I would only leave this comment for someone who already knows me, and my quirky world view].

    I have always found “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerals” to be a terminally boring and over-long song. It doesn’t help that Gordon Lightfoot was the singer with his droning voice. Nevertheless, it certainly qualifies as a poem.

    I was trying to think how I would analyze it. Here goes: A heavily laden ship went to sea (lake) the weather really got bad, and the boat sank and everyone on it died.

    I’d doubtless flunk your class!

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