You get that it’s HOT, right?

Seriously, people, I am stressed out!

Grades close for the quarter on Friday.  I decided to go against my own “no late work” policy to allow the students to hand in incomplete or missing work by Wednesday for credit before the quarter ends.  Here’s the exact text of the announcement I put on every classes’ website:

The drop-dead date for any INC or missing work in your grade book is NOVEMBER THIRD!  After that date, any INC grades will be listed as zeros and no revision opportunity will be given.
A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF YOU ARE FAILING. Check your grade book to see if I’m referring to YOU, and then do something about it!
If you have questions or concerns, come and see me NOW.

Do I even have to tell you how many kids are asking me if they can turn in this assignment they didn’t do, or if they can revise this assignment they got an “incomplete” for, and they’re so sorry, but they won’t be able to get them in TODAY because -insert lame-ass excuse here- without realizing that TODAY isn’t TOMORROW!

I had the pleasure of having my boss in my classroom for a few minutes this morning (and no, I’m not being sarcastic; I love her and I wish she’d hang out more).  I took the opportunity to ask the kids about the details of this deal:

“Ms. H is a witness, you guys; WHEN is the work due?”


“And what happens after Wednesday?”

“No more late work – we’ll get a zero from now on.”

So, they get it, they just don’t GET it.




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3 responses to “Hellooooo?

  1. Bob

    No, they don’t get it. I gave a template or two for a recent assignment after going over it in detail. I have an inbox of “how do I do this?” messages. I do like Edward’s grading method. How do I translate this into digital assignments?

  2. It really does work Bob. I just did it. OK. Not really. But man I am tempted.

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