Still Here

You’d think, given my lack of consistent posting, that I wasn’t doing anything worth writing about.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, it’s been a couple of hellacious weeks at CHS, so much so that I’ve not really had time to do much writing beyond what has been strictly required for work.

The short version is that we’re all neck-deep in Alice in Wonderland (and the kids STILL think that Carroll was a stoner pedophile… sigh), and we’ve got about three weeks before grades close for the quarter, so I really need to light a fire under their collective butts to get a major writing project done early enough before the quarter ends for me to have sufficient time to grade and register them.  We managed to get through mandatory state testing (hallelujah!), though, and I’m feeling pretty confident that everyone is finally clear on the new English Department standards for the culminating project that is required of every student, so YAY on that!

The next few weeks will bring some plot and character analysis, along with a little bit of play with symbolism, for the freshmen and a crash course in how to interact with scholarly articles for the juniors and seniors (I’m going to write, in a day or so, about the complete and total FAIL a couple of my kids pulled the other day – watch this space; it’s going to be a doozie).  I was able to get my credentials reinstated at Local U (many thanks to my once and future supervisor!) so I’ve been combing the databases looking for articles my kids can sink their teeth into without feeling so inadequate that they give up on the idea of college altogether.  Really, I’m trying to be for them what I wish *I* had when I started college; I remember jumping into my first “real” critical analysis and wondering whether there were something essentially and terribly wrong with me.  I could understand all the words, but the way they were put together made NO sense to me the first, oh, I don’t know, 2 dozen times through.  If I’d had someone to walk me through how to unpack those dense and complex articles, I’d have felt much more confident about myself.  I don’t want them to have to freak out on their own; I’d much rather they freak out with me there to reassure them that they ARE smart enough to run with the big intellectual dogs.

Lastly, I want to give you this.  I very rarely laugh out loud over this sort of thing, but this one hit me exactly right.  I’m only glad that I hadn’t just taken a sip of something when I opened it…


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  1. My blog has also entered an odd dry period too. But, I do have a great idea for one of my classes and I am hoping you will participate.

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