Checking In

* The first progress reports are done.  Next week we run parent-student conferences for three days straight (Bob; rum and Coke at Chez Chili every night!)

* I feel like I have fewer failing students than I’ve had in the past, but those who are failing are doing so with gusto.  I also have at least two students with perfect scores.  Everyone else is in the middle.  It would be interesting to see a graph of how that settles out.

*I’ve got this one kid, let’s call him Terrance, who sends me emails that look like this:

can u tell me whr i can get the book

That’s it.  No salutation, no capital letters, no punctuation and, in some cases, no English words.  Even better, some of the papers he’s handed in for a grade have text-speak in them, as well.  I’ll be beating proper grammar conventions into his entire class next week.  I hope his classmates appreciate it.

* I’m working on co-creating an outreach club at the school.  I have connected with an activist mother to get some students mobilized with the goal of promoting acceptance for GLBTQ kids in our community.  I feel like we’ve got that issue pretty much knocked inside the walls of CHS, but I know for sure that it’s not that way in the town at large.  More info on this as it happens; we’re literally in the nascent, “how-do-we-make-this-happen” stages.  I’m really excited about it, though; I can’t just sit by and let another baby take his own life.

How’s YOUR school year going so far?




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3 responses to “Checking In

  1. Rowan

    You have some great plans! Wish we had the freedom to do just a part of what you are able to do.
    Had to let a student know that making rude/hurtful/judgemental remarks about gender orientation/racial/nationality etc. is entirely innapropriate and will cease immediately or will be written up and in the case of part of it can be filed as sexual harassment. Parent wasn’t happy with the child and said it would be handled! We’ll see.
    If you had a password comment section I could tell you some things about our school year that would make getting a perm unnecessary! Heads down, fly low year for us.

  2. I just love different people. I love folks that love different people. This world has so much potential.

  3. We spent the month of October discussing cyber-bullying with the kids at school and it’s amazing how much it has changed my view of things and even the way many (hopefully all) of our students think about how they behave and what they say online or in person.

    It’s so tragic to see the recent string of events across our country, knowing that so many of these deaths could have been prevented. So. very. sad.

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