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Checking In

* The first progress reports are done.  Next week we run parent-student conferences for three days straight (Bob; rum and Coke at Chez Chili every night!)

* I feel like I have fewer failing students than I’ve had in the past, but those who are failing are doing so with gusto.  I also have at least two students with perfect scores.  Everyone else is in the middle.  It would be interesting to see a graph of how that settles out.

*I’ve got this one kid, let’s call him Terrance, who sends me emails that look like this:

can u tell me whr i can get the book

That’s it.  No salutation, no capital letters, no punctuation and, in some cases, no English words.  Even better, some of the papers he’s handed in for a grade have text-speak in them, as well.  I’ll be beating proper grammar conventions into his entire class next week.  I hope his classmates appreciate it.

* I’m working on co-creating an outreach club at the school.  I have connected with an activist mother to get some students mobilized with the goal of promoting acceptance for GLBTQ kids in our community.  I feel like we’ve got that issue pretty much knocked inside the walls of CHS, but I know for sure that it’s not that way in the town at large.  More info on this as it happens; we’re literally in the nascent, “how-do-we-make-this-happen” stages.  I’m really excited about it, though; I can’t just sit by and let another baby take his own life.

How’s YOUR school year going so far?



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