They’re at it again (or, rather, they’re NOT).  Today, I ended up kicking nearly my ENTIRE film and lit class out of the room for not having done the reading.

*I told them a MONTH ago that they needed the book.

*The book in question is a Grisham novel; easy to read, compelling story, generally fun.

*The assignment asked for them to read 93 pages in four days (the assignment was given on a Thursday – we didn’t meet again until today).

*Of the 10 kids I kicked out of the room, only three of them actually HAD the book.  Three claimed to have the book at home (“I forgot it…”) and the rest haven’t bothered to get the book at all.

The two kids who were left in the class had not only read the assignment, but couldn’t stop and read PAST where I told them they could have stopped.  We had as lively a discussion about the book as we could (given that we were only three people).  I gave them chocolate.




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7 responses to “Two

  1. mccgood

    What book are they reading maybe I should pick it up and join your class via the web?

  2. It’s The Client. We had a discussion in class a week ago about the order in which we do book/movie combinations. I had them read The Secret Life of Bees before we watched the film; they wanted to switch the order with The Client. I’m thinking now that this was a mistake…

    Just as an aside, ANYONE who wants to join my class via the blog is more than welcomed. Let me know you’re following along and I’ll be sure to update everything we do in class. Maybe, if you’re really good, we can arrange to Skype you into the class; Carson’s done it once or twice, and it’s always been a very fruitful exercise..

  3. Today one of my classes learned that when I say “you can do this and this to raise your grade” it really isn’t a suggestion as much as a request.

    Almost 2/3 of my students are failing me right now.

    I wonder when they will figure out that they will blink before I do.

    Congrats on kicking them out!

  4. That is SO FRUSTRATING! Thank goodness for students who actually do their work.

  5. Ro6wan

    Good for you! (where do they go when you kick them out? Just wondering as our principal brings them back to the room and asks, in front of the class, if we have gone through the steps and have we called home? double Grrrrrr)
    And, these are middle schoolers… one of whom called a teacher a f…..g b…h and a Pu.a. sigh Poor new teacher…I told her it wasn’t her, that this ‘child’ (spawn) had been doing this for years and no teacher had been successful in getting him gone.

  6. Darci

    you do know I love you, right?

    • Why, because I boot kids out of my room for being deliberately stupid?

      I gave them “The Talk” yesterday. It goes something like, “Look; this is a partnership. You come to class fully and rightfully expecting me to have something to give you – a conversation to have or a concept to teach you – right? Well, *I* come to class fully and rightfully expecting YOU to have done the work I’ve asked you to do. We don’t have enough time in class to cover all the stuff I want you to have (and, not for nothing, that the State wants you to have), so you have to pick up some of the work on your own. DO it, or you’ll find yourself doing it AGAIN next year, m’kay?.”


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