The Curse of Technology

Alternately titled: Muahahahahaha!

Mrs. Chili is enjoying a little bit of an evil teacher moment.

On Monday, I discovered that Elaina has a toy on her desk that can turn paper copies into PDF attachments.  I asked her to please work that magic for a handout that I had given my freshman class that morning.  She did, and I promptly attached that sucker to the homework assignment on the class’s website.

This evening, I received this email from one of the students in the class:

Seeing how I was absent on Monday, I have no idea what the homework is, and I was sidetracked today to ask you about it. So I hope you would understand I don’t get the homework.

Um, no.  Sorry, Kiddo; you lose.  Here was my reply:

In fact, Megan, it’s not okay that you didn’t do the homework.  As soon as the class was over on Monday, I uploaded a PDF of the reading, along with a pretty clear description of the assignment, to the class’s web page.  You have everything available to you that you need; there’s no reason you can’t get it done.

Let’s see if the homework gets handed in tomorrow.  Any bets?



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7 responses to “The Curse of Technology

  1. Oh, I’m sure the student will come up with some other excuse.

  2. Good response. I usually say “hey man, the reading is on your syllabus. You know what is up.”

    What drives me crazy is when a student ask me what are we doing in class since I will not be here. Again, read the syllabus. Better yet, are we doing anything important in class today. My response: We are always doing something important (this is a future blog post btw).

  3. Don’t you just love that!

    It’s either the, “Did we do anything important yesterday” comment (I usually tell them that we had a pizza party and everybody got extra credit assignments), or, I wasn’t here yesterday, so was my paper due or do I get an extra day to work on it?

    Umm… didn’t you take an extra day to work on it? Isn’t that why you missed class?

    Hi Mrs. Chili… it’s been a long time…

  4. jef

    so…did she hand in the homework??

  5. Jef, she did, but she handed it in late, so she got no credit for that part that she didn’t do.

    Slowly, they’re learning…

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