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The Curse of Technology

Alternately titled: Muahahahahaha!

Mrs. Chili is enjoying a little bit of an evil teacher moment.

On Monday, I discovered that Elaina has a toy on her desk that can turn paper copies into PDF attachments.  I asked her to please work that magic for a handout that I had given my freshman class that morning.  She did, and I promptly attached that sucker to the homework assignment on the class’s website.

This evening, I received this email from one of the students in the class:

Seeing how I was absent on Monday, I have no idea what the homework is, and I was sidetracked today to ask you about it. So I hope you would understand I don’t get the homework.

Um, no.  Sorry, Kiddo; you lose.  Here was my reply:

In fact, Megan, it’s not okay that you didn’t do the homework.  As soon as the class was over on Monday, I uploaded a PDF of the reading, along with a pretty clear description of the assignment, to the class’s web page.  You have everything available to you that you need; there’s no reason you can’t get it done.

Let’s see if the homework gets handed in tomorrow.  Any bets?


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