Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things we’re working with in my classes this year:

1. My film and lit class is watching Willow as I write this.

2.  The Secret Life of Bees, both the novel and the film; Goddess, but I love that story.

3.  The Giver.  My freshmen start this novel tomorrow.

4.  Frankenstein.  My seniors start reading this today.  I’m thinking about showing them a couple of film versions, to boot.  I so love this novel.

5.  Something Wicked This Way Comes.  I’ve never read this, but I’ve always wanted to.  One of the cool things about my job is that I get to decide what we read, so I get to pick stuff both that I love and that I’ve always wanted to read.

6.  Atonement.  I finished reading this about a week ago, and I’m eager to read it with my seniors.

7.  The Client.  My film kids are going to read and watch this.  I can’t wait.

8.  The Book Thief.  Another of my most favorite books.  I’m dying to read this again.

9.  The Empire of the Sun.  Another film class film.

10.  Night.  I’ve read this about a dozen times, but I’ve never taught it.  My freshman get it this year, and I’m eager to see what they do with it.



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Saintseester

    I have a novel for you to add to your (probably deftly growing) list of coming of age titles: “Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow.”. If it were a movie, I would call it a sleeper. I found it to be immensely readable. It was recommended to me by an African-American woman who grew up pretty much the same way as the title character.

  2. What great courses. Excellent book and movie selections. I like smart teachers with great taste. That is you, my friend.

  3. I teach Night with my sophomores and it’s great. I have a great activity that we do at the beginning of the unit that I think you might really like. Shoot me an email if you want more details. (I’m always wary of just sending materials to other teachers, because I’ve had some people react really badly, as if I’m trying to tell them they’re not good enough and so I’ll fix them by giving them my materials, which is so not the case. But now I’m cautious and make timid offers only.)

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