Quick Hit: Deja Vu

And thus it begins again:

Mrs. Chili
I tried going to Barnes and Noble today, and I was unable to find The Secret Life of Bees. I searched all the fiction, yet I still could not find the book. I know I’ll be behind on it, but I was wondering if I could order it online like all the other books? And it could come in later this week, and I’ll catch up on it.

Sorry for the inconvenience Mrs. Chili


PIERRE!! Did you ASK someone at the store to help you find the book? I have to say that I’m disappointed that you waited until TODAY to go looking for it; you had four days. You and I have been through this whole book thing before, and I was really hoping to never have to do it with you again.

Please do whatever you have to do to get the book as soon as humanly possible.

-Mrs. Chili




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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Deja Vu

  1. mccgood

    Do you know what I love about Barnes and Noble? I go online to Barnes and Noble type in the book I am looking for and then when it comes up on the far right side it says locate in the store or something similiar. I then type in my zip code and lo and behold they will tell me if they have the book at THAT store or not! (that’s for you) The other great part is if they have the book they will hold the book for you for THREE DAYS!!!! (that’s for your student)
    anyway not sure if you knew that or not. I kind of hope you didn’t and I kind of wish I was there with you when you read this and you didn’t know this awesome info!

    • I actually DID know that, though I didn’t mention it to the students. I will in the future (oh, and Pierre got an eyeful when I emailed him back after his response to my reply. He tried to tell me that it was a “minor thing.” No, Honey, it wasn’t. Your assignment was to get the book. You didn’t do that. Now you’re behind and we’ve only met twice so far. This is a VERY inauspicious start to the school year…)

  2. lindsay

    I don’t think that’s a terribly hard book to find… Sue Monk Kidd isn’t a first time author or anything, not to mention it’s been out for years.

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