Quick Hit: Killing Time

Dear Readers, I’m coming to you for advice, yet again.

The first week of classes is never very cohesive, and while I’m getting a good handle on what’s going to happen in English III and English IV tomorrow, I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do with my film class. They don’t have the books for the course yet, and I’m not really sure that I want to give them a full-blown movie on the second day (and if I do, it would have to be a movie rated PG or lower, as I don’t have time to get permission slips for anything else on this short notice.

The theme of the class is coming of age and self-discovery; got any suggestions for what to do tomorrow?



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8 responses to “Quick Hit: Killing Time

  1. You know how they do In Memoriam montages at awards shows? I suggest some sort of amalgamation of previews. All the PG scenes you can find of movies you recommend. You Tube might be good for this.

  2. I thought “Harriet the Spy,” (made by Nickelodeon) although a juvie flick, was a real charmer, as far as coming of age and self-discovery are concerned.

  3. Bob

    Disney’s Alice In Wonderland to get that part rolling for the all-school curriculum

  4. The Princess Bride. On top of the fact that it’s about the best movie ever made, watching Buttercup learn to deal with the fact that her mortal enemy and her one true love are the same person can lead to some good discussions.

  5. Terry

    Have them write a scene (or a montage) from a moment in their lives when they had a moment of self-discovery?

    Or brainstorm (in groups?) a story of coming-of-age/self-discovery movie they’d like to see (that would reflect their lives today–versus what Hollywood THINKS a coming-of-age/self-discovery movie is?)?

  6. Jaqui Wilson

    “Stand by me”? Then have them write a journal entry relating an incident in their life that corresponds to the theme?

  7. Darci

    Working off of Terry’s idea – have them brainstorm/journal some coming of age scenarios individually, share in small groups their ideas/concepts, each group picks the “best” and creates a tableau depicting the idea.

  8. These two short films are a bit romantic but hey, coming of age, no?! I really like both of them a lot.

    A thousand words

    about 5 minutes long

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8s9ym_signs-nice-romantic-short-film_shortfilms about 12 minutes long

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