Ten Things Tuesday

We’ve started the new year, and I’m already loving it.

1. We’re on a new schedule, so we’re doing a M/W/F and a T/TH thing instead of an A and B day (which was a lot harder to manage than you might think). I think it’s going to be fantastic. That means I don’t have to plan a five-day class, and it means that I get more time for the upperclassmen on the T/TH schedule.

2. I’ve got a delightful mix of students I’ve had before and kids who are brand new to my teaching style (and who haven’t heard my stories yet!). The T/TH schedule, which we ran today, is awesome – the kids are great.

3. I scored an ENORMOUS t.v. for my room. I came in in Sunday and found a bunch of my colleagues standing around the beast, looking like they had no idea what to do with it. I quickly volunteered to take it, and it’s been installed at the far end of my room. I got myself a 25-dollar DVD player from Targ*t the other day and got it all hooked up all by myself. Film and Literature class is going to totally frickin’ ROCK.

4. My M/W/F schedule has me done with students at about noon. That means that I’ll be able to get home on days when my girls have early release (which is almost always on Wednesdays) and we don’t.

5. My “Mrs. Chili, do you ever have a song stuck in your head” kid showed up today in a kilt. Boy totally rocks the kilt. I love him.

6. The teacher who blew the didgeridoo to start morning announcements left the school at the end of last term to be a full-time dad. I was worried that we would have to figure out a new way to call the community to order, but two boys have picked up the tradition. This made me very happy.

7. I have discovered, much to my dismay and dislike, that my room gets hot when it’s hot out. We’ve got the sunny side of the building, too, which doesn’t help much, either.

8. We have a bunch of guitar players in residence, and we’ve now got a new boy who plays the banjo. The feel of the lunch room has changed ever so slightly; it’s a little more fun now. Banjos sound happy.

9. So far, so good on getting the girls up and going in the morning. This is only day two, though; I’m hoping it will continue, but I’m going to be patient…

10. My duty is the morning quiet study. We open the doors here at 7:20, and the kids who come that early need to come in, sit down, and be quiet (either reading or working, but not talking and not playing music) until 7:40. Since I get to school around 7 in the morning, anyway, this works out well for me.

I mean it, you guys; I have a really, really good feeling about this year. I hope that energy extends to you who teach, as well.


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