Ten Things Tuesday

The “tour my room” edition!

1. Here we have a poster that my sister gave me. It is a compilation of simple wisdom offered by the Dalai Lama, and I love it.

(sorry about the glare. Go here to read the full text…)

2. Here’s one of the many magnets with short, thoughtful sayings I have posted around the room.

3. … and another. (Honestly? I think this one is my favorite)…

4. My dragonfly coat hook. I tried to not buy too much stuff for the class with my own cash, but I needed something dragonfly. It was an impulse buy; I saw it while I was in T*rget looking for something else.

5. PLANTS! I went on a buying binge when I found very healthy plants for five bucks each at a local greenhouse. My room is now filled with plants at just about every compass point.

6. A William Shakespeare action figure. I shit you not. Suzanne gave me this one. I have another at home, gifted to me by Kizz, I think. He came complete with the book and quill pen; how cool is that!

7. The bookcase Buddha. He’s tucked serenely and unobtrusively in the corner, and there he’ll stay, reminding me to breathe and allow my students to come to their highest and best selves by their own paths.

8. My fish! Remember my fish? We’re down by one – the little goldfish is missing and I suspect that she fell victim to the school of tiger barbs in there – but those who remain seem happy and healthy.

(wow; that’s a rotten picture. Use your imaginations, would you, please?)

9. BOOKS! I mean, really; I’m an English teacher – what did you expect? The truth is that I have FAR more books than I have shelves on which to put them, but I’ll be remedying that soon enough.

10. O’Mama gave me this poster last year, and I’ve been dying to put it up ever since. Now that the room is mine, up it has gone!

(again with the glare; go here to read the full text)

I LOVE the space now; it feels clean and airy and ready for community!



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6 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Rowan

    Inspiration! Thanks for the ideas. I’m looking at my classroom differently! (Even if we were told not to have plants that might die and dry out and be a fire hazard. Seriously!)

  2. I love it; it is so you…and me. I once had a coexist sign, but I learned that such a thing is not popular here.

  3. Honestly, Eddie, I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn’t last a month where you are…

  4. Your classroom looks great! Love it! The atmosphere will motivate the cherubs in your classes! 🙂

  5. ava

    It looks like you are ready for the new year and are prepared to inspire our next generation.

  6. Great post– that writing rules poster is on my wishlist now!

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