Wading Back In

Hi! Didja miss me?

I’m planning on making my first trip back to school this morning, and I’m strangely excited by the prospect. I have a number of objectives for the adventure, not the least of which being my wanting to get reacquainted with my room; I want to re-imagine the set up of the place, and to do an inventory before I make a hajj to IKEA later this month. I’m considering bringing in a sage smudge, too, just to see if I can clear the energy in that room and start fresh. I’ve been told I can paint, too, if I want, though I’m not entirely certain I do – I’ll think about it, though.

I also need to feed and tend to my fish, and to try to get my head back into the work-space. We’re down to something like 15 days before school starts up again, and I’ve really not done much in the way of planning or scheming at all, and that gives me a tinge of concern. I’d like to get my professional switch flipped so I can at least start thinking about how I’m going to arrange the school year, and I’m putting a bit of faith in the idea that being in the space will be the start of what I need to begin thinking like a teacher again.

More later!



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2 responses to “Wading Back In

  1. Darci

    planning begins tomorrow for a Sept 13 start…so do not have my head in it.

  2. I’m jealous of both you and Darci. Our freshmen start the 16th (tomorrow!) and everyone else the day after. My summer feels so SHORT! Good luck on getting your head in the game. 🙂

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