The First Draft of the First Draft

We workshopped this afternoon, and I decided to present the first of the three drafts I posted in the entry below.

We were seven including me, and the deal was that we would read the piece we chose out loud while our workshop partners listened and read along.  That was the only talking the author was allowed to do; once the final word of the piece was spoken, the writer had to sit silent while the others conferenced about the work.

It was wonderful.  I am used to responding to questions that my readers have in real time, so it was a new and exciting experience to watch my colleagues talk amongst themselves about my writing (as we do in classes when we talk about the things we read; the authors aren’t there to tell us whether we’re on the right track).  I came away with some really interesting insights into how other people see my work, and some really great ideas about how to make my writing say what I really mean.

I’m going to do some more work on that first piece, trying to incorporate some of the suggestions that my peers made.  When I get a revision done, I’ll post it.


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