I’m attending CHS’s graduation ceremonies this afternoon.  I’m feeling that familiar, oxymoronic feeling of giddy excitement and a small, aching loss.

Several of these students have been in my classes, and a couple of them are precious to my heart.  I’m terribly proud of them and can’t wait to see them off on their next adventure while at the same time being a little mad at them for being seniors during the year I arrived at CHS – they won’t be in my classes again next term, and I’m saddened by that.

Then again, though, there are a couple of kids I am relieved to never have to see on my rosters again.  I truly believe that the Universe craves balance.

All of this bittersweet is tempered by the fact that the kids I love aren’t going very far away; I’m certain I’ll see them every once in a while, and I’ll be delighted to have them sitting in on my classes when they come back to visit.  There’s nothing they can’t do, and I’m eager to see them bring their own frequency of light into the world.

Look out!  Here they come!



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3 responses to “Commencement

  1. “Look out! Here they come!”

    … Walking down the street / they get the funniest looks from / everyone they meet / hey, hey, they were Chili’s!…


    (now let’s see who gets the reference)

  2. nhfalcon — you were talking about the Monkees, right? And Chili — I totally get the emotion you were talking about. I was really teary at graduation this. So proud, and yet it was bittersweet.

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