Doing the Happy Dance

My professional life just got a whole lot more awesome.  This afternoon, Carrie hired the guy I really, really wanted to work with me in our fledgling English Department next year.

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I’ve mentioned we’re starting to re-build the school from essentially scratch, right?  I wanted her to hire someone I knew I could work with and who would have the same kinds of goals (and ethics) that I have, and I got him!  The board still has to vote on his contract, but there is no reason to think, given his resume (which includes theatre experience) and his credentials, that they’ll have any objections.

This means that the English Department next year will consist of me (Carrie called me “department head” today, in front of people, even!), Will (who’ll be teaching poetry as an artist in residence until he gets his teaching credentials), and this guy (let’s call him Mike, for the sake of clarity and, you know, obfuscation).

What I’m trying to tell you here is that English is going to KICK ASS next year, and I can’t wait to get started!

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8 responses to “Doing the Happy Dance

  1. Kiki

    AMAZING! I’m so happy for him, and CHS should be greatful.

  2. YAY! Having colleagues you can truly work *with* is so essential. My departure from administration and return to the classroom next fall is directly related to this very issue.

    It’s a great experience to build a school from scratch – exhausting and at times rather trying, but definitely “worth it.” Enjoy!

  3. So, is CHS doing a similar thing with their Social Studeis department? 🙂

  4. Bob

    and if the pay scale gets passed you cold have a music/tech guy hang around……. in theory

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