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Jealous Seafood

I love my job.

One of my students – let’s call him Andy – is having a spot of trouble with his longtime girlfriend, and he’s confounded by it.

It seems that an underclassman has a crush on Andy, and she isn’t really being very subtle about showing it.  Andy’s girlfriend, Marie, isn’t at all pleased about this, and even though Andy’s done nothing to encourage the crush (and, in fact, has actively discouraged it), Marie is still uncomfortable and insecure which, in turn, is creating problems for Andy.

Really, though, that’s not what this story is about.

Andy corralled me this afternoon to ask my womanly perspective on the matter, having already received advice from my “work husband” – a man who is starkly practical and matter-of-fact – so Andy was looking for a kinder, gentler take on his problem.  As he’s explaining the situation to me, Graham, a favorite student of mine, was half-listening.  As Andy is telling his tale of woe, he mentions the “green-eyed monster,” knowing that I would be impressed by his remembering this turn of phrase from our recent wrestling with Othello in English class.

Graham TOTALLY misheard what Andy said, though, and piped up with, “Wait…  what’s a green-eyed lobster?”


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