I’m having computer problems at work.  Computer problems that neither my husband nor the go-to tech guy at school can solve (and problems which, if we bring the guy who installed our network in to come and look at, will cost the school money).  I’m the only one having the problem, it’s intermittent and unpredictable, and it frustrates the ever-loving shit out of me.

I’m hoping to have a new laptop by the end of the week.  If that doesn’t solve my problem, you might be able to hear me screaming from where you are….



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3 responses to “Grrrr!

  1. Rowan

    Gosh Mrs. Chili…don’t be such a fence sitter. Tell us how you REALLY feel.
    Seriously, I know what you are going through…I actually had the tech condescendingly (sp) tell me that it was impossible for “that error message” to appear on my screen. (and I’m a tech liaison at our site.)
    So I took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to him with a cc to the principal, supt., etc.

    What is it doing anyway? What platform? Mac, PC?
    Hope it all works out. Besides, you do deserve a new laptop.

    • Rowan, it’s a Mac, and I’m getting something called a “kernel panic” (though it doesn’t SAY that on the screen of death; we had to look it up). Funny you tell your story – I did the EXACT SAME THING – I took a picture of it on my cell phone and emailed it to Mr. Chili in the hopes that he could figure out what the problem was.

      The thing that’s so fucking frustrating (see? No fence-sitting here!) is that I’m NOT the only one with a Mac, but I AM the only one getting hung up. It’s also making me crazy that there’s NO rhyme or reason to it. It can happen four times in a row, then be fine for a couple of days, then refuse to start up at all. GAH!

      Mr. Chili THINKS he’s got it figured out, though; today, he found a similar complaint on a message board and it turns out that the routers don’t like to play with operating systems as old as mine is. I’m going to upgrade my software and see if that makes a difference. I’ll tell you what, though; I NEED a reliable computer. We do EVERYTHING electronically… well, maybe not EVERYTHING – we still make the kids print out their papers, but everything else, from attendance to posting assignments to printing materials for the kids to grading to Skyping Carson in to my classroom, goes through my computer. If I have no computer (or, at least, no RELIABLE computer), I can’t do about 1/2 of my job.

      Here’s hoping Mr. Chili can fix my problem. He’s already my hero… I wonder how I can reward him if this works? Hmmmm……..

  2. Improbable Joe

    Oh, it is a Mac… I thought you had a REAL computer. 🙂

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