Love Thursday

I love my professional life.  In it, I am surrounded by passionate, competent, and damned funny people who care as much about their work as I do mine.  While I could do more than a month of Love Thursdays dedicated to each of my coworkers in turn, I’m focusing today on my boss (who, for the purposes of anonymity, I call Carrie).

In short, she’s awesome.

Carrie is relatively new at her job as director of Charter High School, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her.  She’s totally on the ball (and when she’s not, she doesn’t show it), she’s genuine and approachable, and perhaps most importantly for me as a teacher, she’s entirely supportive of the work that I and my coworkers do.

We were talking the other day about the environment we’re working as a group to create, and she commented that a lot of what works well in that environment is the trust that we have in each other.  Part of her job as an administrator, she told me, is not only to be supportive of her faculty, but to stay out of our way and to let us do our jobs.  That she is a teacher herself helps a lot; she understands the work that goes into what we do and – and this part is crucial – she understands that when the students don’t succeed, it isn’t necessarily a failing on the part of the teacher.  As a matter of fact, she’s currently frustrated with her theatre class for not putting in the necessary effort, and she’s entertained my students on numerous occasions after I’ve kicked them out of my room for not bothering to do the work they needed to have done in order to understand what the hell we were talking about in class that day.

What I’m saying is, she gets it.  Given the horror stories I hear from my teacher friends about their nightmare, clueless, even vindictive administrators, I thank the Universe every workday that I landed under Carrie’s command.


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