Harkness Tables

I love my boss.

She is completely jazzed about the fact that I teach in a round-table format.  In fact, I sometimes look up to see her lurking outside my classroom door and listening in on what’s going on in our class conversations, and she mentioned yesterday that she wants to audit my senior level class next year.

I found out the other day that one of the ways in which my boss is supporting my teaching practice is that she’s calling around to other Harkness schools and asking if they’re planning on doing any renovations or upgrades and, if they are, do they have a table they’re willing to donate.

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We’re moving into a new space for next school year, and I’d love nothing more to have a giant table at which we can all sit and share ideas!



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5 responses to “Harkness Tables

  1. That’s awesome! A boss who supports you and advocates for you is one of the very best things in the world.

  2. Darci

    My students sit at 6 small round tables. I would love to have one large but I have 36 kids. eeekk.

  3. mccgood

    We have a store in our town that sells used furniture sometimes from hotels, or businesses that are upgrading. I wonder if there are any stores around your area.

  4. I have been asking for one; we are thinking that our entire department might move in this direction. I had lunch with my headmaster and he alluded that we should put it on our wish list. I am not holding my breath, but it would be cool. My current configuration works well, but there are limitations.

  5. Please contact me. We have placed almost 600 of our Harkness tables in classrooms around the world.
    I’ll be happy to help with any quuestions about Harkness tables.

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