Wednesday WTF

So, here’s what happened.

I decided to take my juniors and seniors to Local U. to take advantage of the really great library presentation they offer there.  Every semester, I take my freshman writing class to the library where a reference librarian gives them the “this is what you need to do to get all kinds of great, reliable, peer-reviewed resources for your papers” in a practical, usable format.  When I called the library on Monday (and talked to David, my favorite guy over there), they told me they’d be more than happy to host my CHS kids, too, and that, because it’s spring break at L.U., we’d have pretty much unimpeded access to the computers, to boot!

“Great!”  I thought, “Let’s go!”  So, I pulled up the bus schedule (because CHS has no access to school buses) and found out how to get there and back, printed out permission forms, and planned today around taking the kids out into the world.

Except we didn’t get far.  Because the university is on spring break, the bus is running on a curtailed schedule.

I managed to miss that vital piece of information on the website.  As a consequence, I and 14 of my students were standing at the bus stop waiting for a ride that never came.

We’re going to try again tomorrow.



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One response to “Wednesday WTF

  1. Unrelated.

    An English teacher and I were having a discussion about teaching Mockingbird. Her contention is that TKAM is not great literature. That the first half is a collection of short stories and the second half reads like a novel.

    I like TKAM for reasons unrelated to whether it is great literature or not.

    But, can you give me an example of something that is great literature?

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